Our Founders


Maria helped found Brown Sugar Movement in the very early stages of its forming, helping in any capacity to get the movement started off the ground and as best friends for over 10 years Olivia and Maria had always talked about building something together for people like them. They had both learned so much about representation of black people in media and the arts when in University together, then in their individual careers would often come up against barriers of lack of representation and opportunity for Black British women. Growing up with Sickle Cell Anemia, Maria has always had a passion for advocating on the behalf of the voices unheard, so when Olivia shared her idea with Maria they worked together with a small team to start an online movement for the unheard voices of Black British women. Overtime Maria’s involvements would increase and the capacity in which she contributed multiplied as the movement grew, she went from Coordinator to Project Manager and now as Chief Operations Officer (COO) and joint co-founder with Olivia Fraser, they have big plans to take the movement even further.Links to socials


Olivia has always had a passion for the arts and throughout her education years studied drama and theatre. Moving to London from Manchester for university she quickly realised that nothing was going to be given to her on a plate. That triggered her interest and need to start writing and directing. She then created various short films and web-series to give her and those around her (especially black girls) opportunities to shine. In 2017 she decided it was time to create something even bigger and so Brown Sugar Movement was birthed. She wanted to create a platform that would inspire, empower and celebrate young black British women. She started off by having a team of ladies that set up a website that featured everything from blogs, black businesses to hair care tips. Taking it to another level; her and the team decided to do events also. Though there a huge plans in the works, Brown Sugar Movement has already become a go to for many young women who appreciate the content and opportunities it creates. With so many plans ahead there’s no limit where Brown Sugar Movement is going to next! Keep your eyes peeled.Links to socials